URL Schemes

URL Schemes

URL Schemes are URLs that can point to a resource or perform an action in an app.

OK JSON defines its own URL Scheme that starts with okjson://. You can use the URL Schemes to launch OK JSON and do other things that the app supports.

View JSON String from Pasteboard


Try it out: okjson://paste

View JSON String

okjson://new?content={URL Encoded}

Try it out: okjson://new?content=%7B%22hello%22%3A%22world%22%7D


Some environments such as browsers may limit the length of a URL.

Show History Window


Try it out: okjson://history

Show Scripts Panel Window


Try it out: okjson://scripts-panel

Run Script

okjson://script/{script file name without js extension}

For example, if you have a custom script named copy-minified-json.js, you can run the script with okjson://script/copy-minified-json.