You can write your own scripts to further process JSON string.

The Scripts feature is build upon Apple’s JavaScriptCore Framework (opens in a new tab). It provides the ability to evaluate JavaScript programs from within OK JSON.

JavaScriptCore is a JavaScript engine. Thus the Web APIs (opens in a new tab) like window, document and XMLHttpRequest are not available.

However, OK JSON offers some simple yet powerful APIs to let you interact with the app. You can do a lot things with them.

An example script:

@okjson.schemaVersion 1 Copy As Minified JSON
@okjson.description Copy input string as minified JSON.
@okjson.keyboardShortcut ⌥⌘m
@okjson.preprocessInput yes
@okjson.openResultInNewWindow no OK JSON
function main(object) {
  let result = JSON.stringify(object);
  $"Copied As Minified JSON", "Length: " + result.length)
  return result

You can have a “Copy As Minified JSON” action with a couple lines of code.

If you need more APIs to help with your scripts, please let us know.