OK JSON is a native and scriptable JSON formatter for your Mac. It’s really fast and well-integrated with macOS.


The notable features from OK JSON are:

While OK JSON is a JSON formatter to the core, the Scripts feature also makes it a text-processing tool.


Being native has the advantage on performance. But that’s far from enough. Web apps can have better performance than their native counterparts.

The good news is, for native apps, the room for improvement is much bigger.

We spend a lot of time on improving OK JSON’s performance. It pays off.

JSON FileFile SizeTime (Normal Mode)Time (Boost Mode)
citylots.json (opens in a new tab)189.8 MBCan’t finish58.25 sec
dictionary.json (opens in a new tab)23.0 MB1.15 sec0.98 sec
formula.json (opens in a new tab)20.9 MB4.04 sec2.40 sec
sample.json10.9 MB1.76 sec1.63 sec
cask.json (opens in a new tab)4.6 MB1.12 sec0.75 sec
install-events-365d.json (opens in a new tab)752 KB4.36 sec0.44 sec
anybox_bookmarks_export.json620 KB0.32 sec0.24 sec
sentry.json256 KB0.35 sec0.19 sec
  • These tests were run by a M2 Pro 10-core 32GB RAM Mac mini with OK JSON version 2.2 (102).
  • Normal Mode: “Sort object properties” and “Expand all child nodes by default” are on.
  • Boost Mode: “Sort object properties” and “Expand all child nodes by default” are off.