Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts


Check out the main menu for the available keyboard shortcuts of OK JSON first.

⌘ K: Search Scripts

⌘ K invokes the Search Scripts window in the app.

Screenshot of Search Scripts window of OK JSON

Type in the keyword to search for the script and press Return to run it.

In case you need to update the script, you can also press ⌘ + Return to show the script file in Finder or press ⌥ + Return to edit the script file.

⌘ K is available in almost every window:

  • Launch Screen: Run the script with pasteboard content set as the input to the script.
  • Navigator: Run the script with selected node as the input.
  • JSONPath: Run the script with JSONPath result as the input.
  • History: Run the script with selected history item as the input.
  • Scripts Panel: Run the script with text from Input Editor as the input.
  • Script Result: Run the script with text from left pane as the input.

⌘ =: Zoom In & ⌘ -: Zoom Out

You can resize some windows with these two keyboard shortcuts.

Currently these windows are resizable:

  • Navigator
  • History
  • Search Scripts

⌃ ⌘ →: Go Forwrad & ⌃ ⌘ ←: Go Back

Available in Navigator and History.

OK JSON saves your navigation history in Navigator and History so that you can use these keyboard shortcuts to jump to previous nodes or lists.