Alternate Icon

Alternate Icon

OK JSON offers an alternate icon that looks more suitable under Dark Mode of macOS.

Dark Icon of OK JSON Download it Now

Replace Manually

Step 1

⌘ + click OK JSON’s icon on the Dock to go to the Applications folder on the Mac.

Step 2

Right-click OK JSON and select “Get Info” from the menu.

Step 3

Drag and drop the icns file to the OK JSON icon on the top left.

OK JSON info panel on macOS

The replacement is not permanent. OK JSON will revert to the original icon when it updates.

Replace with Third-Party Apps

You can also replace the icon with some third-party apps. We collect some similar apps for you.


Use with caution. We have no affliaction with the developers of these apps and didn’t test these apps.

Some of these apps may only work with the direct-download version of OK JSON.